Editor’s note: The Aspen Times has posed five questions of each of the eight Aspen City Council candidates running for two open seats in the March 2 election. We will run answers (200 word limit) to one question each day this week. Coming Thursday: If you get elected, what are your top three priorities during the four year term?.

Later today around 3pm PST, Facebook will release its first update for Home in the form of a (which hosts some nuts and bolts of Home). The update is predominantly performance and bug fixes, and doesn include these new features mentioned above. Dash Bar, Dock, and NUX will come in future monthly updates, but no specific schedule has been revealed.As for ads in Home, VP Of Mobile Engineering Ondrejka says there no timetable for that yet either.

Would you pay $150 for a pair of sunglasses? Designer sunglasses can easily cost well into the thousands. One popular and iconic pair the Ray Ban Original Wayfarer Classic comes with a price tag of $155. The brand’s been copied relentlessly, with knockoffs available for as little as a few dollars..

This was achieved through a prospective review of the patients’ medical notes and charts in two medical wards. All cases were assessed using a classification tool which was developed after a pilot study. Following this, a postal survey of some Malaysian pharmacists explored their experiences about ADEs: the types of ADEs they have observed, actions taken in response to these incidents and their awareness of and involvement in adverse drug reaction reporting, and their attitudes towards this task.Both studies revealed that the occurrence of adverse drug events was high in Malaysia the chart review study found that 39% of admissions to two medical wards were related to ADEs whilst more than half of the sample pharmacists revealed having observed them in their daily work activities.

“Antibodies do clear. The levels go down, but less so in cases of severe infection,” Marion Koopmans, a virologist on the WHO team, told the Wall Street Journal. They saw an uptick starting in August 2019, which peaked six months later. Mais a devrait le faire. J’adore la littrature amricaine. Je sais aussi que le traduction joue beaucoup sur la qualit d’un livre.

A failed clearance attempt saw the ball pop straight into the air and Amarikwa was the first to it, heading the ball goalward. The shot attempt was saved with a reaction save by goalkeeper Jake Gleeson. Portland took the lead in the 11th minute. Nuctech has close ties to the Chinese military and the Chinese Communist Party. Security official to a Canadian diplomat in Washington. Is ‘quite concerned’ that GAC has apparently agreed to purchase security equipment for embassies from a Chinese company,” diplomat Martin Loken said in a July 20 email to Global Affairs assistant deputy minister Dan Danagher.