Why the worry about the flag’s age? New York City itself was first settled in 1624 and is, therefore, centuries older than the flag Yang thinks is too geriatric to represent it. Should New York City, or New York State itself, therefore be abolished? Surely not. Oldness qua oldness is not an argument against the NYC banner.

It has also brought together teams across the company to design and produce face shields. It further plans on shipping 1 million face masks per week to the areas that need them most.Apple also updated its voice assistant to offer information to users who are concerned they might have COVID 19. Apple’s newly updated Siri will be providing users a step by step questionnaire if being asked questions related to Coronavirus.

When talking about Biden, people invariably speak about the depth of his empathy and his expertise. They talk about his reliance on experience and competence. They talk about how he wears his emotions on his sleeve, as he did on Tuesday before leaving Delaware one last time as a private citizen for his inauguration in Washington.

Looking ahead: VULNERABLE TO HACKERS: The meteoric rise in time spent online since the onset of the pandemic transformed the way we live. From shopping to working, learning to worshipping, the virtual world allows us to keep our lives and livelihoods moving. But the vast number of hours we spend online provides an equal number of opportunities for hackers.

“There was not really a lot of things to do other than show up to work and play football. Normally, there’s a lot of things going on with playing football. So if you love football, this was the year to be a player in the NFL, because that’s what it was.

57, is an unlikely savior for the American health care system. A veteran entrepreneur who affects the manner of an urban cowboy in boots and jeans, he made his fortune when he sold his $5 billion (revenue) travel management company to American Express in 2003. Bored ambling around his North Dakota ranch after the sale, he started batting around business ideas with his friend Miller, then a Johnson Johnson executive.

Some staff led efforts have already had a positive impact on safety concerns, Caudullo said. Between corrals, painted squares on the street where scooter companies can deploy their devices, and geofenced no parking zones, scooter parking on the waterfront decreased by 80 percent, Caudullo said. Between 15 and 25 percent of scooters are now deployed in corrals, as well..