I am so grateful to the residents of this City who worked so hard to bring this recommendation to the Council and I’m proud of the Council’s commitment to lead our City towards 100% clean energy. In a time of inaction at the state and federal levels, cities need to lead. Cities need to continue to move towards a sustainable future, creating good jobs and a future we are proud to hand over to our kids.

TIL of a French soldier who was taken as a POW and fed only potatoes during his captivity, and survived. Feeling like he should have died, he made it his life’s mission to convince the world of the nutritional value of potatoes, and his tomb in France is decorated with potatoes as a tribute. The Irish had to survive on what they could cultivate themselves on their small plots of land, hence their reliance on potatoes.

OK Go is a band that became famous from the music video portion of that else. Now, they exploring other creative avenues, including a new app that about words instead of music.The band has entered the app space with its inaugural effort,Say the Same Thing. Similar to the improv game, Mindmeld, Say the Same Thing gives users a chance to play a word game, either with a friend or without (see the new video below for an entertaining demo of the game, which sees players saying a random word then saying other words that connect those two words until they, of course, say the same thing).

I love all that the holidays bring, the snow, the food, and most of all the holiday decorations. I have so much fun decorating my home for the Holidays. However, there is one thing I like even more than decorating, it’s sharing my festive Christmas decorations, with family and friends.

Grimm said that Anduril, which currently employs 400 at its headquarters in Irvine and satellite offices in Boston, Seattle, Washington and London, is on track to hit a head count of 700 by the end of 2021. It expects to have 1100 employees by the end of 2022 and keep growing at a similar clip into the future. The company landed an even larger contract with the Air Force, for as much as $950 million, in September, after demonstrating that the company’s software could use sensors and drones to autonomously detect and react to a simulated threat..

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