5. A keyboard with curves. Office ergonomics studies have indicated that a curved or contoured keyboard limits the potential risk of hand, wrist and shoulder problems. King then moved on to the suspect description provided by Simpson. He stated in his opening arguments that the description matched that of Michael Robinson more than his client did. He asked if Simpson indicated if the sweatshirt had a front pouch that is common with hoodies you pull over.

Hard to put up those numbers in this league, but we did it today, and we have the personnel to do that, Reich said. Have the personnel to be dominant in the run game and we have the personnel to be dominant in the pass game. Hilton caught two touchdown passes from Philip Rivers, while Taylor rushed for a career best 150 yards and two scores.

So harm cannot be the reason that manipulation is wrong.Perhaps manipulation is wrong because it involves techniques that are inherently immoral ways to treat other human beings. This thought might be especially appealing to those inspired by Immanuel Kant idea that morality requires us to treat each other as rational beings rather than mere objects. Perhaps the only proper way to influence the behaviour of other rational beings is by rational persuasion, and thus any form of influence other than rational persuasion is morally improper.

Build half of it and tear it down, Baden says. Did that a few times. Jannard wanted something inspired by Blade Runner, and while the house was never completed, the company HQ finally delivered on that vision. The composite solution shows that the interface position becomes self intersecting for sufficiently large contact point displacement.We identify a distinguished density ratio for which flows in the coalescing drops and surrounding fluid are equally important in determining the interface shape. We find a large displacement solution to the leading order two fluid problem with a multiple scales analysis, using a spectral method to solve the leading order periodic oscillator problem for capillary waves. This is matched to a single parameter inner problem, which we solve numerically to obtain the correct boundary conditions for the secularity equations.

Hungry Pants: This SoDo eatery is for lovers. How do we know? The HP is for Lovers gift set ($37 plus tax) is one good indicator. What’s more: It’s for VEGGIE lovers! This vegan offering includes Wolffer Estate ros cider for two, house made beet hummus with crudit in a heart box and a vegan chocolate silk pie (write on options: “QT Pie” or “Thank U, Nxt!” depending on your mood).