The first thing to do about the slipping is going to your optician and asking for your glasses to be better adjusted. This service is usually free and they will simply heat up the “arms” of your glasses so that they will be tighter. The second is to not only wipe the bridge of your nose, but also the part of the glasses that is in contact with them.

Travel Period: The vacation travel dates must occur between December 9, 2019 and June 30, 2020 (inclusive). The total amount of bonus TD Points/TD Rewards Points that may be awarded to a qualified TD Travel Credit Card account will be 30,000 TD Points/TD Rewards Points (Bonus TD Points/TD Rewards Points) regardless of whether the cardholder purchased multiple Qualified Bookings during the Booking Period. Bonus TD Points/TD Rewards Points will be applied to the qualified TD Travel Credit Card no later than March 15, 2020 to the TD Travel Credit Card that made the Qualified Booking on condition that the TD Travel Credit Card is (i) the TD Travel Credit Card is open and in good standing, (ii) the credit cardholder’s agreement has not ended, and (iii) the Qualified Booking was not cancelled for any reason during the Travel Period.

All of the tax bills will have been printed by this afternoon, and the majority will be in the mail today, December 15th. This compares to 2014, 2015, and 2016 when, by coincidence, the bills were put in the mail on December 8th. (The statutory requirement is that they be mailed by the third Monday this year, December 18th.) In addition, the tax information will be on our website by the end of the day TODAY..

Last week: VACCINATION RATE: Word came out that Florida, during the course of a week, doubled the number of people who have completed their coronavirus vaccinations. That’s great news, but let’s take a closer look at the numbers. Through Feb. At all. Snubbing Leno, too, is no big deal to me. I know it was his last year as Tonight Show host, but, while he’s won in the ratings game, his show has never been particularly funny, unless he’s doing Jaywalking, in which case the comedy isn’t from him.

The site is open for second doses but will close at the end of the day on Feb. 11 due to construction in the park. Anyone scheduled to receive the second dose of vaccine at Vista View Park on Feb. M le talent de Marie Jos Croze, qui tient le r principal de cette coproduction internationale, n pas le sable de s la pellet dans les engrenages. C gros, exag et parfois sans queue ni t service Crave de Bell M offrira les six de Mirage dimanche matin, et Super en amorcera la diffusion traditionnelle le 8 mars 20 h. Mais ne vous attendez pas un thriller aussi prenant que The Night Manager, Le bureau des l ou Bodyguard..