Peut tre qu’ notre tour, nous avons des fruits que nous pouvons partager. Jean Louis Bordeleau, Initiative de journalisme local, Le DevoirHedge funds bet on oil comeback after pandemic hobbles producersHedge funds are turning bullish on oil once again, betting the pandemic and investors environmental focus has severely damaged companies ability to ramp up production. Such limitations on supply would push prices to multi year highs and keep them there for two years or more, several hedge funds said.

About Us,Contact Us,With flowing seaweed hair and Ray Ban sunglasses, a six foot mermaid with a shell bikini and colorful tail greets passers by on Fort Lauderdale Beach with a welcoming smile. But alas, the siren beauty is only made of sand. The artist behind this and dozens of other elaborate sculptures, Rich Dutko, says his popular project began as a fluke.made a nice mermaid and came in like third place, says Dutko of his initial foray into sand sculpting while vacationing in Myrtle Beach 15 years ago.

The data was collected through thirteen semi structured interviews with middle and senior managers in Nottingham City Council and other stakeholder organisations in the city and a focus group of five community leaders from three local community groups. The content analysis of the REMOURBAN documents related to citizen engagement and the council’s energy strategies and policies was carried out. The key results are discussed with recommendations to nurture effective community engagement as a smart city tool and conclusions are drawn..

The holidays can cause you to gain weight, the shorter days can cause you to feel a little less perky, and the colder weather brings on the germs. Don’t beat yourself up when you’re feeling under the weather. Make sure to listen to what your body is telling you by paying attention to how you feel..

The scale at which video solutions need to either be updated or replaced is large enough that even for large organisations, the cost of doing so simply isn’t appealing, Dudley says. “We thought we would do will in mid market, but even the global top 100 companies are adopting this because of the very wide deployment. They might still use the expensive systems for the CEOs and the board, but if you are equipping a few hundred or thousand rooms then it just doesn’t take sense to do that.”.

Maintain proper social distance but still have some fun with your neighbors. If you don’t want to dance that’s okay, you can still enjoy some fresh air and show support with your fellow neighbors. We hope to see you out there.”. Smart people do it, and dumb people do it. Religious people do it, and secular people do it. It fairly human for someone who is certain they are right to act self righteously and attempt to demean the opposition with less than pure logic and evidence.