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The e commerce store has seen strong traction, from both metros/tier 1 towns along with smaller towns. Dhruv said, “Over 56% of the orders come from Tier 2 and other smaller towns. In terms of transaction value, smaller towns drive higher transaction values than larger cities.

InstructionsPrepare the chhachh drink: Put all the ingredients except the water in a large bowl. Then add 2 cups of water and blend well with a blender. Add another cup of water and mix well. If you had the chance to collaborate with any musician, alive or dead, who would it be? What song would you like to do with them? “It would be Jeff Buckley. I would have been honored to sing anything with him. The guy had a way of being completely vulnerable and entirely in control at the same time.

In the photo below is the beloved Mr. Bingle the Snow Man. He was made from the very late 1940s to the mid 1960s by the Character Novelty Company from the original designs of Emile Alline . And just think of the different meanings of the word “check,” even though they’re all pronounced exactly the same way. Another problem is that the English language includes so many synonyms. For example, just how many words do we include that mean “small”? Just off the top of my head, I recall little, tiny, diminutive, miniature, wee, and teeny.

The wooden planks laid on top of this shell were similarly high tech even if they might not immediately look it. Glancing at the strange wavy planks used by the designers, you’d be forgiven for initially thinking that they were not cut particularly precisely. Hardly any of the planks are entirely straight, with kinks and odd shaped bends like a vertical line degraded by a VHS copy of a copy of a copy.

3. Start Writing RoughlyOk, good. Now that you have all that stuff out of the way, Get out a pencil and start writing. R’,f’,r’,b,b,r,f,r,b,b,r,r now if you did not have any matching sides before doing this you should now have a matching side. Point the matching side away from you and perform this again and it should be complete. Thanks for checking out my post and I hope that this helps you to solve it for yourself.

After being preempted last week by the show CBS aired two episodes of Race shot in Dubai and Uganda on Wednesday. Droz and Pierce got to start Episode 6 out in front by virtue of their winning leg in the previous show. Unfortunately they were beaten out in the nightcap by the team of Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, who set the standard for the drum challenge..

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